People From India Visiting My Website??

People From India Visiting My Website??

The What

Are you trying to track your analytics and wondering WHY there are users from India keep spending 20-30 minutes on your website?

Let me start with this.. NEVER hire a SEO "guru" emailing you saying that they visited your website, it is not ranking well in Google and promise you to be #1. They are NOT real visitors of your website and may try to scam you. Anyone can optimize a website themself.

The internet is filled with tutorials, example: Beginners guide to SEO on

If you are a busy, and need an outsourcing partner, do a search and find a reputable company which itself appear on Google, avoid dealing with those who email you from nowhere and their emails don't even have proper grammar. 

The Why

Spammers search the web to collect email addresses and sell them to other spammers for a database that contains the URL of each website and every email found in it. Once an email address posted on the internet its there forever. It has its own little ecosystem, thats why this cycle might seem dangerous.  


The How

What the scammers are doing is called web scraping, it is the process of collecting structured web data with automation. It’s also called web data extraction.

It has a wide variety of uses such as price monitoring, price intelligence, news monitoring, lead generating and market research among many others.

In general, web data extraction is used by people and businesses who want to make use of the vast amount of publicly available web data to make smarter decisions.

If you’ve ever copy and pasted information from a website, you’ve done what a web scraper does, only on a micro, manual level. Unlike the mundane, mind-numbing process of manually extracting data, web scraping uses intelligent automation to retrieve hundreds, millions, or even billions of data points from the internet’s vast databases.

Just Tell Me How to Get Rid of Them!!

How to get rid of Indian Spam on your website


The short answer, is that with user privacy it is nearly impossible to block one person or group of people from your website. Your other option is to figure out what city or country the spam is coming from and have your web developer block all connections from that country. 

This is a sure-fire way to keep them out but also keep in mind that everyone else in that city/country now wont be able to access your website unless they use a VPN.