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Having your potential customers find the competition every time they search for you? It’s painful right?

Whether you are looking to make more sales, increase traffic or just get more exposure our PPC management services will ensure when your potential customers search for the type of business you are in, they find you.

Stay on top and ahead of the competition. We offer PPC Management services which will help keep your business at the top of the searches when your potential customers search. We will ensure you have more leads and more conversions than ever before.

How It Works:

Generate high-quality traffic and increase conversions:

When someone is searching Google, PPC advertisements are the first thing displayed above the Google search results page. These are prominent advertisements that appear in the form of listings and are displayed above the organic search results. PPC ads allow businesses and organizations of any size to obtain maximum exposure online. This can be applied to Google Maps as well

Use the best keywords and the latest technology. 

We are constantly expanding our knowledge and learning new platforms even before they take off. We are industry leading experts in several new advertising categories before many others, including the latest platform; TikTok.

We Show You Your Money At Work & Help You Understand Whats Going On.

We have no interest in wasting money. Instead, we want to generate the best return for your advertising budget.Our full-service monthly Google Ads management fees start at $3,500 per month, plus the monthly budget for Google Ad clicks.

We can help you determine an effective budget for clicks to obtain your best return on investment. There is also an initial audit and set-up fee that is based on scope of work for your organization.

Unlike other companies that charge a percentage of your ad spend, we charge one flat monthly fee based on the amount of work required to reach your goals and objectives. The monthly fee is also based on your market’s competitiveness, ongoing work involved, and your allocated budget for clicks. We don’t believe in asking for a percentage of your advertising spends like other agencies if it does not financially benefit you.

The Process

Initial Google Ads Set-Up

Audit and Interview

Your campaign’s initial set-up includes a full audit and an interview with your business to better understand your long-term goals and objectives.

Extensive Keyword Research

Next, we conduct extensive research to learn more about the needs and behaviors of your audience online. After we have a better understanding of how your audience works, we will conduct deep keyword research to better understand how your potential customers and clients use specific search terms online. Searcher intent is extremely important to garner the best return on your investment with Google Ads.

Competitive Analysis

Knowing who your competitors are and how they are leveraging Google Ads can help you spend less and garner the best return on investment. We perform an in-depth investigation into all your competitors and identify their strategies and weak points.

Ad Creation and Content

Our creative writing team crafts compelling ad and landing page content that helps your campaign achieve the absolute best conversion rate.

Landing Page Design and Conversion Rate Optimization

Sending traffic to your website is only 50% of the work needed to garner the best conversion rate. The pages we promote with Google Ads need compelling content, appealing visuals, and an exceptional user experience, especially on smartphones. Our creative team of interactive web designers and developers can help you create highly optimized landing pages that deliver the best experience.

Our Monthly Services

Google Ads are not a “one and done” type of advertising model. It requires constant work if you want to make the most of your investment.

Objective Recommendations That Help You Save Money

Google Ads’ system is automated and extremely subjective to what it deems is the best way to optimize your campaign and spend your advertising dollars. We don’t believe in a subjective bias from Google. We believe in objective recommendations and strategies based on factual data and aligned with your specific goals and objectives. Our ultimate goal is to help you spend the least and maximize the best return from your Google Ads budget.

  • Weekly access to a Google Certified Professional

  • You will have direct access to one of our Certified Google Ad professionals by e-mail or phone if you have any questions or concerns about your campaign.

  • Weekly Google Ads Management and Monitoring

  • Our team will monitor your campaign daily to make sure the campaign runs smoothly and that your website is always up.

  • Weekly Google Ads Optimization

  • Our team will continue to optimize, edit, and refine your Google Ads campaign to deliver the best return.Weekly Conversion Tracking

  • Our team will monitor and track phone calls and online form conversions to make sure leads are getting to your team.

  • Help with Landing Page Content From Our Professional Writing Staff

  • Monthly A/B testing and monitoring for optimal conversion rates for your campaign’s landing pages.

  • Advanced Google Ads data mining.We will collect valuable data and insight from your Google Ads campaign to help your organization ideate and curate future content pages and videos based on validated data that shows what online users are searching for and interested in.

  • Overspending and Under Tracking

    95% of the businesses and organizations we audit are overspending by thousands of dollars each month and not properly monitoring their campaigns or tracking the important metrics.

    Below Are Some of the Most Common Reason People Waste Money With Google Ads

  • The company managing Google Ads is not skilled enough.

  • No one is effectively measuring the campaign.

  • The website that you are sending click traffic to is not optimized for conversion. It could be the website content, the user experience on the website, the visuals, and many other variables.

  • The key phrases being purchased are not intent-driven. Very often people do not monitor the intent of the key phrases being purchased. They will also forget to use negative key phrases.

  • Why Hire Someone To Do My Digital Ads?

    Dominate The Competition

    With an experienced team behind your digital marketing your business can be unstoppable. Many Industries have not begun digital advertising due to its complexity and cost but we are here to make it as cost efficient as possible while you have a team of experts behind your campaign. 

    Proven Results

    Over 80% of consumers check out a business online before going in person. Digital ads are proven the most cost effective way to drive large amounts of business. 

    Low Risk Contracts

    We make all our contracts as transparent and fair for the consumer as possible. It's your business and thats how it should be no long term commitments here!

    Success Driven Results

    The Manno Marketing Perks

    • Get Assigned An Advertising Specialist

       We assign a dedicated account specialist who you will work with throughout your entire experience so there is no confusion or mixups. This person will be certified and trained in Google Ads and will be highly experienced in running successful digital marketing campaigns. 

    • Begin Keyword & Industry Research

      Next we begin the research on you industry and begin finding the optimal keywords for your business. Keywords are the search terms that people type into search engined when searching for something. We research countless numbers of keywords and measure search traffic, competition, and costs associated to select the best keywords for your campaign. We will also exclude negative keywords to make sure you’re not wasting your ad spend on unqualified traffic and leads.

    • Analyze Competition

      Every day we will closely evaluate what your competitors are doing in their advertising strategies with the latest technology. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in their online advertisements, we will be able to develop a more successful approach for your campaign.

    • Ad Creation

      Ad quality is a key factor in the success of your ads. If content is low quality it is unlikely anyone will find it legitimate. To further determine the best creative for your audience we conduct A/B tests to determine the most successful ad set.

    • Monitor & Optimize

      With our advanced notification system we able to identify low-performing areas campaigns and fix them fast. We keep an eye on your campaign daily. If results begin to decline, we will detect it immediately and pause low-performing ads.We then launch new ads to keep the results coming in, and keeping the success cycle going

    • Reporting & Communication

      Communication is key, without it everything falls apart. Your account manager is with you every step of the way to answer any questions and to address any concerns you may have. Presenting your brand to the world can be stressful, thats why it is important to hire the right professionals to be there for you and help you with it. 


    What type of results can I expect?

    The key performance indicators we look at are website traffic and conversions. We will evaluate how much traffic your website is receiving, and how many people actually converted into the desired result. Check out our case studies here.

    How much traffic can I expect?

    How much traffic can I expect?

    The amount of traffic each month will vary. It depends on your advertising budget. The more fuel we have in the tank, the more results we can generate for you.

    How many conversions can I expect?

    The amount of conversions will vary. We will be able to track your conversion rate giving you performance data of the ad campaigns to make data driven improvements. In consideration of this, we believe your conversion rate will increase over time.

    It is important to note that there are external factors that impact conversions that we do not control. This includes the price, product quality, website destination, and market you are competing in.

    Isn’t it expensive to advertise on search engines like Google?

    It can be expensive to advertise on Google. This is because they have a pay-per-click model, which means you pay each time someone clicks on your ads. However, this traffic is often high quality. The people you are advertising to are in search of your products or services, which is often worth the price.

    We recommend our clients to consider the average lifetime value of a customer for their business. Once you understand this, identify the maximum you are willing to spend to acquire one customer. With an experienced paid search manager, we believe we can help you boost your brand awareness while acquiring new customers at a profitable rate over time.

    Are there any hidden fees?

    There are no hidden fees, we are always transparent with you!

    How long does it take to get started?

    If you are ready to get started, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to help you identify the best strategy to lead you to success. We will then develop a proposal for you, upon your approval, we will send you a contract and get your account started the same day!

    Contract Questions

    How long are the contracts?

    We offer initial contract terms of 3 months. After the initial term is complete, your account will be serviced on a month-to-month basis. You have the option to cancel at any time with a 30 day written or digital notice. After 30 days, we will cancel all services and return any information we have back to you.

    How will you learn about my business?

    Your dedicated account specialist will dive deep into your industry and study your competition. They thwn find what works and what doesn't from your direct competition and improve upon it in a unique way for your brand. 

    Will you monitor the ad campaign to make sure we do not waste any money?

    Yes, your account manager will be monitoring your advertising campaigns daily. If ads are not performing well, we will pause them and adjust your campaign accordingly.

    In addition, your PPC manager will be optimizing your campaign as time goes on. In most situations, we are running A/B split tests, testing multiple variations of your ads, and the audiences for the ads. By doing this we are more likely to identify areas of success.

    Do I have to provide you with content?

    No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you have content, we are happy to use it.

    Your social media account manager can develop unique content that fits your brand. We have access to licensed stock photography, design software, as well as relevant news sources. We can use this to develop content to engage your audience.

    In select areas we offer photography services for your business, staff, services and products. Call today to see if you are eligible!

    How will you create ads that fit my business?

    We provide a questionnaire where we will learn more about your business and preferences. In the strategy we develop for you, it will specify the advertising approach that we will use for your business. If you approve this approach, we will start developing the ads in an ad calendar. You will have an opportunity to review all advertisements in advance before they are published.

    Do I have to provide you with content for advertisements?

    No, you do not have to provide us with content. However, if you have content, we are happy to use it. Your account manager will develop unique advertisements that fit your brand. 

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