Why Should You Write an SEO Article?

Why Should You Write an SEO Article?
Webpages, including articles, are what search engines like Google store in their index. When someone performs a search, the engine analyzes their query and matches it to the most relevant indexed items. Without these webpages, Google would have nothing to show users in its search results.

Writing Articles for an SEO is a way to optimize a page to help Google rank it highly in its results page. An article is basically written by an expert, that is intended to be and quickly viewed by Internet users in hopes of them clicking on the highlighted keywords that it contains in its text.

Much like webpages, Google does not have one website that it alone understands and knows how to rank. It has many webpages that it can recognize and then rank according to content on individual pages. Most people make the mistake of believing that Google's search engine has no meaning or that it does not know how to read an article. To prevent this from happening, Google has to use and constantly update mechanisms and algorithms for every content type, from video players, to instant messaging, to social networking.

Why should Google care about an article that tells it how to rank that it has not read? It is only concerned with the well-written body of the article, the references to verify facts, and the well-placed emphasis on keywords.

Taking all of these elements into account, an article must be written with SEO and absolutely necessary to rank highly in Google's search engine. Without this SEO technique, an article will most likely be regarded as spam and will not be ranked at all, or perhaps will be ranked so deep in the SERPs that it will never be seen by anyone.

After reading countless articles and being exposed to numerous marketing companies that boast about their SEO services, I realized that many of them chose to overlook an important concept. SEO does not just require writing a well-optimized article with quality keywords. The article needs to be written by a professional.

How do you know if your article is of a professional? Below are a few points to consider in evaluating the writing and quality of your article:

At all times, having a writing service help you with your marketing requires an understanding of how search engines work and how to help Google and other search engines find your content, backlinks and all. If you fail to understand either, you cannot succeed at article marketing.

Content is king.The formula is simple: content is king.If you have a writing service and you hire them to write content for you, you have to weigh your team's knowledge of writing as practice. If they don't have any writing experience, chances are that you will end up writing most of the content yourself.

You will need to have links in the article pointing to the company's site.Any SEO article writer can use links to direct readers to the site of the client, but it's best if you also link to the site of the client as well. This practice will help both parties achieve their desired results.

Finally, tell your team to put keyword phrases in their correct locations.You don't need to bold or italicize the keyword. Even placing your company name at the end of the sentence will be beneficial. Instead, ask your team to make the necessary changes to the article for keyword purposes.

If you have any additional questions about SEO writing, you can reach out to us and Manno Marketing is more than happy to help with any questions you may have!