Should I be paying someone to do my SEO in 2021?

Should I be paying someone to do my SEO in 2021?
For the past couple years we have built a phenomenal online presence. To the casual observer, our website seems to be a success story. Visitors to our site have consistently told us that they came because they were looking for information that our site provides. They are varied in age, Profession, Location and interests. In short, it's a happy site. Occasionally, if our web analytics catch something that needs more attention, they come again, but more often than not they find what they need immediately and hit the back button on their browser. We seldom have to inspire them to come again.

On the other hand, we have noticed that our visitors do frequently come back. If anything, on an ongoing basis, they seem to hang around a bit, often for long periods of time. That is our goal. To be more like them, to be their partner. To be there when they need us.

If you want to be their provider, someone who is competent, someone who is ready to partner with them in finding solutions to their problems. If you are their provider, someone who is capable of holding their attention and engaging them in what they need to know, then you are their provider. You are their 24/7 partner... and they need you to be that partner, because without them, they will go searching for someone who is. You. Always.

Since we are a content site, we naturally fall into the natural link building category. And we make the most of every link opportunity that comes our way. We link to sites that are similar to ours, links to sites that use our services, links to sites that are complementary to ours (but which we would never have considered) and links to sites that speak the same language - to us.

On a daily basis I get calls from people looking for link opportunities. feeling that their site is in the inadequate portion of the directory, or that their link opportunities are being wasted, or that their competitors took advantage of them. Inside links is a conversation I have often been a part of. It's easy when you're constantly working with other sites, but when you're just starting out it can be quite a task. Don't worry. You'll learn how to handle yourself.

My motto, foremost from Google, is Original Results. It is the basis on which they are willing to pay so much money to the top sites to ensure that there is fresh content on the top sites. Originality is critical. Original content is what will drive traffic to your site. And, as far as possible, to drive traffic to your site, you have to have original content on your site as frequently as possible.

In addition, it is essential that the content on your site is written for the reader, first and foremost. Not so much for the search engines. First, eliminate any thought of copy and paste non-original content. Publish content that is thoughtful, considerate, and deeply meaningful to your readers. Then, make sure you provide a public domain resource to non-writers to ensure that they will set the tone for the site by coming up with the content that is rich in depth and breadth. For any marketing questions feel free to reach out to Manno Marketing!