Why use a marketing agency in 2021?

Why use a marketing agency in 2021?
Determining how to market your business online is a difficult decision – and one that can have big (not to mention, expensive) consequences affecting your bottom line. Deciding between hiring a team of in-house marketers or hiring a marketing agency does not just come down to price, but maximum efficiency.
Having worked with numerous clients over the years as the founder and CEO of my own marketing agency, Manno Marketing, I’m familiar with the pros and cons of hiring a marketing agency over a team of in-house marketers.

Past experience

Based on a true story that I’ve heard, the price difference between the two can actually have a pretty big impact on your bottom line. In a story I’ve heard, the front-office manager at Manno Marketing Marketing was a part of an in-house marketing team that had not made a sale in almost 3 years, and that lost a minimum of $3,000 due to inefficiencies in their business. Unfortunately, the team was "broke" to begin with. To add insult to injury, the marketing agency decided to try and "fix" the problem by adding in another $5,000 per month to the contract. To those of you just reading this article, that is a pretty big drop in the bucket.

The harsh reality behind this story is that, even if the marketing agency did their job, the marketing team would have generated more than just one sale. Perhaps even a few hundred. Before the agency even started marketing the company, the coach was on their number one phone call all day long and were consistently pushing for the sale. She would prove it by giving several sales figure (that they’d love to believe) after the initial explanation as to why they were gone, saying "no matter how much you want this, I’m giving it to you for barbecue money". That was it folks, the shotgun-blast approach action was more likely to produce some quick, short-term results, but not long-term.

Additionally, the in-house marketer might have been even more effective, but because they were often "in the office" during the day (work they used to do in their spare time), they would often hear how the company was going to be fine SEOing, how the Budgets were going to be, how unsold excessive inventory was going to be the saving grace of the Budgets. All of these offered the same information. If you collect PPC data, you will find that the marketing agency was actually up to the job, generating more leads, converting leads into sellers, and getting more sales to boot.

So if you are thinking about hiring an agency to do your online marketing for you, you need to very carefully consider this before slicing your budget, because what you might not realize is that an agency may have cost you significantly more than they are going to make you. Of course talking about a two-year contract, that does come with a price. You need to figure out which agency is best for your needs, and then you will have to weigh your options painstakingly. Ultimately the decision will be very difficult for any business. There are only two things that you can do, and only you can make that decision. Do you want to spend $5,000-$10,000 per month on the consultants’ campaign (which will get you horrible long-term results if it’s done in-house) OR do you want to spend that money on the opportunity that the agency will give you (if you will try it yourself) to give your business long-term, mind-blowing results you will never achieve from a campaign the agency has already created, and is giving you the ability to control, yourself!

Take your time when making your decision. Do your research, talk to people who have operated online businesses before. Don’t be afraid to pull out a two-year contract with a reputable firm. When you’ll decide which agency is best for you remember that your short- and long-term results from an effective online marketing campaign will be determined by the day-to-day activities of the agency you’re working with. The bottom line is whether you have a recurring marketing payment or any type of unrequested purchase for their services, you need to look into their history and results and see how long it will really take. You just can’t stress this enough, your bank account will thank you for it.