Why your small business needs to accept bitcoin as a form of payment in 2021

Why your small business needs to accept bitcoin as a form of payment in 2021

As you may know it is difficult, unexpected and sometimes much more costly to get payments online. Companies get stuck on the wrong payment gateway. Unless of course, you can find a solution to make it as easy as possible and accept payments through crypto, like Coingate, CoinsBank, AlfaCoins, BitPay and Shopify. When using crypto the fees ares can be way less then the typical 2%-3.5%+ $.3 fee.



A bitcoin payment gateway allows merchants to accept transactions in bitcoin. These days, most of these payment processors facilitate the buying and selling of many other altcoins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash.

As you are no doubt aware, the cryptocurrency market is incredibly volatile. Since then there have been several rapid rises and declines in a matter of hours. This kind of volatility means that business enterprises of all sizes need to ensure that any payments received in bitcoin are quickly converted into fiat currency to avoid any potential losses.

Payment processors facilitate the immediate transfer of bitcoin and other altcoins into fiat currency. They allow merchants to automate these payments and provide a host of other tools and reports to help make the whole process as convenient as possible.


Here is a list of reasons why small business need to accept Crypto payments: method portfolio:

• Offer existing customers new ways of paying.
• Gain access to new customers who prefer using crypto currencies to pay for goods and services.
• To allow customers a discreet payment method (no embarrassing credit card statements)
• Payments are secure and are retained indefinitely on the blockchain ledger
• Reduce the costs that come with other payment methods such as credit cards etc.
• To help support the cryptocurrency revolution!!